Jetted Tub Conversions

Converting a jetted tub to a soaker tub is sometimes the best solution!

BEFORE & AFTER conversion

A jetted yub with jets before and after conversion and refinishing

A Complete Conversion of Jetted Tub to Soaker Tub in One Day!

There have been some scary stories about bacteria contamination in hidden pools is the piping of jetted tubs.

In some home, hotel or rental property situations the jetted feature of tubs may not be used for days, weeks or months. Hidden reservoirs of sitting water from the last time the jets were used is an ideal location for bacteria to fester and grow.

Sometimes the best option is to entirely convert the jetted tub to a non-jetted tub.

First we remove all jets, filters and air caps and fill in all holes. Then we refinish the entire tub and it becomes a soaker tub instead of a jetted tub. Then we guarantee our tub conversions with a 3 year warranty.

Jetted tub conversion may be your perfect solution if you are concerned about stagnant water issues in a rarely used jetted tub.

BEFORE conversion

A jetted yub with jets before conversion to a soaker tub

AFTER conversion

A jetted yub with jets before conversion to a soaker tub

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