Hot Tub Refinishing / Recoloring / Repainting

Restore your expensive hot tub to new condition - and change the color, too!

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Recolor, Refinish and Repair your Hot Tub
in One Day!

The replacement cost for a new whirlpool bathtub or hot tub in todays market is $1000s and that's not counting the cost of a professional installation. Refinishing is a great alternative and the cost is 1/5th of a replacement. Our experts repair cracks, surface blemishes and recolor at no additional cost.

refinished hot tub in trees in Calgary

Hot Tub BEFORE refinishing

brown hot tub

Hot Tub AFTER refinishing

sparkling white hot tub

Hot Tub with Severe Crack

Hot tub with serious crack

Hot Tub with Crack Repaired

Hot tub with serious crack