Ceramic Tile Refinishing,
Repainting, Repair
& Installation

Restore your outdated bath or kitchen ceramic tiles. Change them to any colour you like. We also install!

Ceramic tiles BEFORE/AFTER refinishing

ceramic tiles before and after refinishing

Are your ceramic tiles cracked, stained ... ... or just the wrong colour?

Ceramic Tile refinishing is both beautiful and economical. The refinished tile looks like new, maintenance-free, and most times cracks and chips are unnoticable afterwards. With our superior performance refinishing products we can also refinish tile countertops and vanities. Older tile colors can often be outdated, just as with laminates. Individual tiles can crack or become worn and lose their luster.

Tired of grimy grout lines?

In addition to these problems, grout lines can become stained or dirty, especially with white grout. With our refinishing process grout lines are completely sealed, making your ceramic tile walls or vanity much easier to clean, as well as eliminating such things like mold and mildew build up, which can often get trapped within exposed grout lines.

Here are some of the samples of our ceramic tile refinishing:

Ceramic tile shower before/after refinishing

ceramic tiles before refinishing
ceramic tiles after repainting

Common Questions

Deciding to refinish your tiles is a great decision. Here are a few questions we are frequently asked:

1. How long does it take to reglaze tiles?
If it is a 1st time reglaze approx. 3 hours, repeat reglaze 4 hours as a strip of the old coating must be done first.

2. How long does it last?
With proper care a reglazed tiles can last 15 to 20 years.

3. Is there a warranty?
Yes, 1 year for commercial/rental properties or 3 years for homeowner-occupied residences.

4. Is there a strong smell?
It is strong when its being sprayed however we use large extractor fans to keep the smell to a minimum and we use a fast curing coating, so the smell is generally dissipated by early evening.

5. When can the tub/shower/sink near the tiles be used after the tiles are refinished?
We use a coating that allows use of the tub/shower/sink the next day.

6. Is there any danger to pets?
Due to their inquisitive nature We recommend pets be kept in a basement or another room while the tub/shower is being sprayed.

Wondering what your options are regarding refinishing ceramic tiles?

We are happy to quote on your particular project!
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"Photos by email helped to access the problem. The work dates were booked quickly and the work was done. Skilled workmanship totally repaired our shower stall to like new. We were also given recommendations on care and use for a lasting result. Highly recommend. Thanks."
Joanne, Cochrane, AB