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If Your Bathroom is Unbecoming to You, You Should be Coming to Us

Since 2000, Allwest Refinishing has specialized in refinishing & restoring bathtubs, sinks, cultured marble, tile, counter tops, porcelain and similar surfaces to like-new condition. Call us, as well, for our expertise in full bathroom renovations and custom tile installation!

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Allwest Refinishing Calgary - A refinished tub before and after

Refinish a Bathtub

If your tub is old and worn it acts like a sponge, absorbing soap, body oils and dirt....

Bathtub Refinishing

Allwest Refinishing Calgary - A refinished sink

Refinish Cultured Marble

Our technicians repair & restore damaged cultured marble sinks & counters to look like new

Cultured Marble Refinishing

Allwest Refinishing Calgary - A refinished tile wall

Reno a Bathroom

Even a small bathroom renovation can be costly. Let Allwest get the results you want

Bathroom Renos

Allwest Refinishing Calgary - A refinished shower

Refinish a Shower

Is your shower enclosure in need of a makeover? Don't think that you have to completely replace it

Shower Refinishing

Common Questions

Deciding to refinish your bath tub, sink, shower stall, or tiles is a great decision. Here are a few questions we are frequently asked:

1. How long does it take to reglaze a tub?
If it is a 1st time reglaze approx. 3 hours, repeat reglaze 4 hours as a strip of the old coating must be done first.

2. How long does it last?
With proper care a reglazed tub can last 15 to 20 years.

3. Is there a warranty?"
Yes, 3 years for commercial/rental properties or 5 years for homeowner occupied.

4. Is there a strong smell?"
It is strong when its being sprayed however we use large extractor fans to keep the smell to a minimum and we use a fast curing coating, so the smell is generally dissipated by early evening.

5. When can the tub be used after reglazing?"
We use a coating that allows use of the tub/shower the next day.

6. Is there any danger to pets?"
Due to their inquisitive nature We recommend pets be kept in a basement or a another room while the tub/shower is being sprayed.

refinished cultured marble sink before and after

Featured Service for May 2021:

Hot Tub Refinishing / Recoloring / Repainting

Let Allwest Amaze You!

The replacement cost for a new whirlpool bathtub or hot tub in todays market is $1000s and that's not counting the cost of a professional installation. Refinishing is a great alternative you can restore and change your tub's colour at the same time! Our experts repair cracks, surface blemishes and recolor at no additional cost.

Hot Tub Refinishing ➤

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